Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Back in my smoking days, whenever I was waiting for something like a bus or someone to show up, I'd light up a cigarette. It's been a while since I've missed smoking but I sure do right now.  I've played games and read my book and walked around and then done all that again, twice.

I got here at 9:15. It's 1:15 and I'm ready to get the fuck out of here. They actually finished with my car 30 minutes ago. I saw it go into the car wash. I have no clue what the hold up is now. A guy came out about an hour ago to tell me my front wheels need replacing but they only have one wheel in stock. So they have to order and I have to come back. Oh joy.


Happy to say that starting a journal entry has the same effect as lighting up a cigarette only it doesn't hurt my breathing and it's way cheaper.  I finally got sprung!!

And, in fairness, they didn't just wash the car, they very nearly detailed it.  I bruised my elbow when I went to stick it out the window only to discover that it was rolled up! I am clearly not used to clean car windows.

The 'cheap' or as the service guy put it, the 'minor' service that is called for this year cost me just under $500. Next year is going to cost me major body parts.  And this year's little wheel situation will cost me another $750 next week. Turns out what they were talking about was actual crimping of the wheels themselves. I can see it - both front wheels. It looks like I hit something.  I sure don't remember doing it but clearly I did. Cheaper than a crumpled front or back end or other damage I could have done but still. Lots of other more fun things I could have done with that $$.

By the time I got released, I was starved so McDonalds got the nod. Good burger. And now I think I will live.

Next year, I hope to hell I remember today and make plans to NOT spend the day there.

My soundbar is here so I think that I'll see how 'easy' that really is to install.
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