Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Anti Rant

This afternoon I realized that it was cool enough in here to try out my new mattress.  So I took my book and, with Zoey on my heels, I made my way back to the fish room.  Cut to the chase: mattress was an excellent purchase. It has always been a good book nook but now it is a GREAT book nook.

Now, if I can just find the switch that makes Zoey transparent. She likes boob sitting while I'm reading and man, that black is hard to see through.

The book I'm reading on Kindle now is The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee.  So far it's really really interesting.

But it soon got too hot back there (there is no window or anything in that part of the condo) and Zoey on boobs wasn't helping the heat any and it was all putting me to sleep. I decided I wasn't going to waste yet another afternoon sleeping so I put on my shades and shoes and headed out for the new grocery.  I have a chicken fillet and some broccoli and had a little stir fry over pasta in mind for dinner but it really screamed for some green onions.  And I'm out of ice cream.

The new store has a lot more and different stuff than yesterday - prepped food wise. They have a half roast chicken that looked very good and some ribs that looked pretty good, too. The ice cream was way too expensive. The $4 Ben and Jerry's was $7.45 and that was the cheap stuff compared to the rest of the freezer.  So no ice cream for me. And no green onions. They had red and white. But, they had shallots! Much better cause I could buy two bulbs and use them up instead of 2 slices of the onion. (I didn't look but probably the onion - even 2 slices and throw the rest out - was cheaper. Now I'm afraid to look at the receipt!)

I also scored some white tuna in oil! After years of only being able to get tuna in water, finally Trader Joe's started carrying canned tuna in oil but not the good chunk white stuff.  The new grocery has the chunk white in oil!!!!  When I was paying I told them that they are the only people in the northeast who carry it. The check out lady pulled out a little notebook that already had some notes in it and made a note that at least one person in all the world was delighted with the find.  I actually thought that was a cute 'you are an important person to us' move.
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