Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fail for the last time

So my fight with the air bed is now over. It is sitting down on the Free shelf in the garage. The new mattress - memory foam - was a bit of a twiddle to get unboxed and unpacked and wrestled up to the platform. The minute I got the plastic off the heaviest flat pancake, it blew up to full size and fitted into the platform perfectly.

I didn't quite figure out how best to get the cover on it the first time and between that and wrestling the box down to the recycling dumpster, I managed to double the size of the giant purple bruise on my left hand.  But, 1. The right hand still looks great and 2. I don't have to fuck with that again and 3. The new mattress feels great for sitting on and looks fabulous.

EOJ, as we used to say at IBM (End of Job).


I drink a lot of water - all day - especially in hot weather.  I use and reuse disposable bottles with pul up drinkers  from Safeway. (And, yes, I'm sure cancer of the water bottle is what will lead to my eventual demise but c'est la vie.)  I fill them up and keep them in the fridge.  I often think it's a silly waste of energy. I have an icemaker. I could just fill a glass with ice and water. Except just now I knocked a full bottle off the table. And none of it spilled. So, self, that's why I do it.


I did get a haircut and drew a very snotty hair cutter. She asked me what products I used and I told her I didn't remember the name but it was stuff they sell - white in a bottle/jar with black label. She was washing my hair at the time and told me they never carried such a thing. Not, Oh I don't remember that one, or Oh, maybe it's one we no longer carry, or Possibly you might be confused. Just We don't carry anything like that.  Fine, bitch.  When she was done washing, I took her over to the shelf and showed her exactly the product - white with black labels - on the shelf.  She, with zero grace, said 'Oh, I forgot about that one.'

So, at least I didn't have to chit chat with her after that little go round. And, when she was done, turns out she did the best job that any of them have done in awhile so, I win and... I win!!


Tonight I'm having something called Tater Tot Casserole for dinner. Anita made it. She told me what's in it and I cannot remember what  she said. But, in my book, I cannot imagine anything topped with Tater Tots that could be bad so it will be an adventure.


The Mariners are playing Philadelphia tonight. We never get to play Philadelphia because they are on the wrong coast and in the wrong league so this will be fun. One of their players - Chase Utley - is a guy I've always wanted to see play and tonight I will. Or not even tonight... right now!
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