Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a difficult sleep last night. I kept waking up. I'd go back to sleep but then wake up again. It wasn't horrible. I can actually sleep whenever I want so if I get sleepy, I'll take a nap but I really do prefer to get a good night's sleep. Sometimes it just doesn't happen. Oh well.

I have no plans to go anywhere today. It's supposed to get hot today and tomorrow and then cool off again. I don't need to go anywhere so I won't. Plus, the Mariner game is on at 10. I don't know of any air conditioned brunch place with the Mariners on TV.  That's actually about 3 too many requirements for local places I think.  Except for here. Here we can have a fine breakfast with the Mariners game in air conditioning.  And it's cheap and no tipping!

For the last two Sundays, I've gone to Luna Park Cafe and this morning, Google, unprompted, is showing me the way and telling me it's only 8 minutes to there now as there is no traffic.  Well, played Google except, I'm kind of giving Luna Park a rest for now.

This afternoon, the MId-Atlantic Little League Team - the one with the fabulous girl pitcher - has their second game on TV. I'm not sure she's pitching again this time, but, still, I need to cheer them on to the next level where, no doubt, she will be pitching again.

Last week, I sold my tablet and rushed to the post office to send it off Priority 2 day. Which, as it turns out, is actually WhenWeFuckingFeelLikeIT 6 day. And that's only IF they actually deliver it when they now say they will. Not happy.  It's one thing to fuck with packages coming to me but it's a whole new level of annoying when you fuck with packages I send.

Zoey just hopped up here to see what was what and ouch! I learned a long time ago that keeping cat nail nippers close by always pays off. While she's reading what I have written so far, I was able to trim the nails on both her front paws.  Nice.

Ok, I think it's time to get up and see to this whole breakfast thing.
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