Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

fuckity fuck

Back in the front (well, there's kind of an oxymoron) I have a built in single bed - think window seat without window - it has an air mattress that has a leak I can't find in it.  Every couple of days it gets all saggy and sad looking. It has a built in pump that I keep plugged in so rising it back to full blow is easy. I reach down between the mattress and the hard wooden side of the seat and turn the switch on. Easy. But, when it's done, switching it off isn't so easy because now there isn't so much room.  I'm usually so careful.

But, since my bruising situation has gotten so much better, I've gotten sloppy and today I paid the price. Crapdiddly. I haven't had one this bad in months.  Wonder how long it will take to go away. At least it's the only thing on that hand and the other hand is nearly spot free. So it could be worse.  The skin on my hands and arms looks like the skin of a 90 year old.  I'll be so glad when long sleeve and glove weather comes back.

I went out and got ice cream. I had to go to two different places but it was worth the trip. And I was glad I didn't wait any longer. The volume of Seahawkeans was not great yet but the crazy was already in full bloom. People walking in the middle of the street without looking, vendors setting up with no regard to cars coming or going, kids on camp stools holding spots for, presumably, later arriving vehicles.  I think today I'll shut the door and turn on the AC. I want to hear the baseball game and I have many months of SEA - HAWKS, SEA - HAWKS, SEA- HAWKS yet to go. I want to pace myself.

I watched a 13 year old girl pitch a shut out win in the Little League World Series. On ESPN. She was amazing. It was pretty mesmerizing. A girl. Pitching perfectly. In a playoff game. On national TV. In my lifetime.
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