Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It  is gloriously foggy out this morning. We are creeping into susandennis season. I am having to turn my headlights on to get to the pool at 6:30 am and my solar powered LED lights on the terrace are now lighting up way before 10 pm now.  And the cool. Ahhh.  We have a few warmer days coming up but not hot. We're on the downside sliding into the seasons of me.

There is no baseball game today. The Mariners are winning way more games than they are losing and it is so much fun. I hope the day off does not fuck up the momentum.  But, it will enable me to do a little TiVo catch up.

I do have most of all days to watch TV but I have this habit of only watching tech podcasts and maybe a little HGTV during the day and saving the evening for scripted shows. Doesn't really make sense.

But this current audio novel has me in its grip so there will likely be more book listening today than anything else.

Swimming at 11 and, really, that's it. On the list of things for me to kind of follow right now are:

- making sure the contribution to my niece gets made by my investment group - they have kind of gone radio silent on me and I'm a bit nervous about it.
- toilet guy said his son would be sending me stuff yesterday and he didn't. this means I'll need to call again.
- watching to ensure an annuity that matures at the end of this month, gets properly rolled over
- tracking several packages that don't have tracking numbers to make sure they all get here

OMG a new restaurant just down the block from here - one of THE most pretentious places I have ever been in (and that's pretension with nothing to back it up) just got a Bon Appetit nomination for best new restaurant. London Plane has nothing but pretention - it's noisy with ridiculously priced menu (I had 2 poached eggs with nothing else - no toast, no nothing and the eggs were not even poached well - $14.)  Note to self - steer clear of all Bon Appetit winnners!

I think I'll listen to some of my book before I get up, dressed and on with my day.
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