Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

done and done

I took the car in and they took it away for what they said would be a short amount of time and ended up being 45 minutes. And, they didn't fix it. But, they did wash it and vacuumed the inside and it didn't cost me anything. So... I don't think I lost.  The tire light came back on when I pulled into my garage. Sigh.  Oh well.

I did make an appointment a week from Friday for its annual checkup.

Then I went toilet shopping. Turns out standing in front of a bunch of wall mounted toilets gives me the same amount of non-info that the internet does.  So I came home and called the guy who's web page I found. We think I want a Toto Drake II.  I told him I didn't really care when as long as it was a Monday, Wednesday or Friday (my early swims make doing stuff on those days way easier). He said he'd have his son 'shoot you over some paperwork [via email] later today with date options'.  Perfect.

I am resigned to the fact that Robin Williams will consume Twitter for the foreseeable future and maybe beyond. What.Ev.Er.

I have this really good ham and some swiss cheese for a great sandwich. And, Anita cut up a bunch of veggies for me that will be great for munching for the next few days. I should do that for myself and, honestly, just never think about it.
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