Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I need a blow job

Well, actually, it's one or more of my car's tires that needs air or something. The tire warning light came on this morning on the way to the pool. I'm pretty sure it's not fatal.

It's lovely and rainy and almost cool out this morning. I think, in appreciation for reasonable weather, I'm going to step out today. I think I'll just take the tire warning over to the Mercedes dealer. It's overkill but, as it happens, the dealership is closer to my house than any tire place.  And I can make an appointment for my car's annual visit.  One of the greatest things about the Smart Car is that there's no fucking with oil changes or other stuff. Once a year, you take it in and they do everything and you are cool until the next year.  I bought the car in August 3 years ago.

Also I may do the toilet research at Home Depot.

The house cleaner is due to be here this morning. I think maybe I'll head out once she gets here and gets going.

I am still wallowing in the wonder of not having giant purple/black bruises all over my hands and arms.  Yesterday, I was packing up the tablet and moving my arms and hands around sharp edges and was just amazed at how many times I felt a hard edge that did NOT result in the ugly spots. Plus, the few I do get now, clear up in a week - as opposed to four weeks.  It's amazing and it's wonderful.

Time to get up and get dressed. For early morning swims, I have this giant fat lady dress that I throw on over my suit and then throw over my naked body to get home. I still have it on and so will not really 'dress' - just switch to regular day wear.
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