Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Alone again

I was not a huge fan of Robin Williams. I liked some of his stuff but not all of it and always fast forwarded whenever I ran into him on a talk show. So, I am not thrilled with devoting now 2 days of news to his passing. I get that everyone but me thought he was the bees knees but tonight our local news - led with the story just as they did last night.  In the past 24 hours, there has been NO Seattle news at all??? NONE??

I'm also ready for Twitter to move on, she says curmudgeonly.

I'm actually sadder, I think, to hear of the demise of Lauren Bacall and two of my favorite restaurants here in Seattle Stopsky's and Katsu Burger.

But where I really stand alone, I think, is in my firm belief that anyone and everyone has the total and full right to end their life whenever they want.  It's my life and if I want to end it, I want that right and I want no one to stand in my way or be sorry for my decision.  Curable or incurable illness, mental or physical, or no illness at all, anyone who wants it to be over should have the right to make it be so.

If I ever take my own life, I want everyone understand that I did it with the full knowledge of what I was doing and did it of my own free will because it was what I wanted to do.  Do not assume that I needed help and/or could have been talked out of it. That is disingenuous and insulting. At least to me.

Suicide is always viewed through the eyes of survivors who invariably feel cheated and want retribution. They hone in on those who are not successful and shine a bright light on the 'so glad I was saved from myself'.  We never ever get the report from those who are successful. My money says they are relieved and glad that they completed the job without failure.
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