Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Chef Day

Weather luck. Yesterday was bitchy hot. Today will be way cooler.  Today, Chef Anita comes in to cook me meals. It's always a problem in Summer - heating up the kitchen, I mean. We try to come up with meals that don't need hours and hours of oven but still. Of course it's a little worse for her but I think chefs, in generally, are resigned to heat.  Me? NFW.

But, with the cooler weather and the air conditioner and a menu that isn't oven heavy, I think we'll be fine. We squeaked by in June and July and hopefully by September we'll be back to usual.


My 'pending' sale cleared yesterday and the Dell tablet is bound for Miami. And I have now officially sold all of the tech in the house that I don't want. Nice.

So today will involve a trip to the post office. I'll go on the way to the pool. I have the tablet charged up and everything needed for sending it in a bag ready to go.

Of course, this state of technology zen will not last. Christmas will bring new everything. And likely, I'll bite and then sell again. Acer has a new Chromebook which is smaller than my HP and has a much better screen. I love HP but it is too big and way too heavy. But, I don't think there is an LTE version. Now that T-Mobile has data for life plans, I'm not buying anything else that isn't LTE ready.

If nothing else emerges, I might yet trade my Kindle Fire in for one that is data connection enabled. Maybe.


I would like to now officially declare this Mariners season a success. They had a great win last night. The Toronto Blue Jays are a team to beat. Of course last night, they were jet lagged after having played a 6 hour, 16 inning game the night before but, hey, a win is a fucking win.

The season is beyond the half way point. It could all go downhill starting with the first pitch tonight at 7 and, still, this season has been so much more fun than most of the 47 years of its history. I'm happy.


My mother had two cousins (brothers) that she was very close to growing up. They stayed in touch until she died. They have a very distinct last name - Eisenlohr and one of them is/was a quite prominent ophthalmologist in Dallas, TX. Last night, for some weird reason, I got curious and googled them. It looks like Cousin John may still be practicing - at 85... yikes.  No word on Cousin David. One of John's children is in Charlotte, NC and lives very close to my ex-husband. Wild. They were all nice childhood memories. I have zero interest in contacting them but it was fun to see what I could uncover with no work and no Facebook.


Today is my baby brother's 61st birthday. He looks his age (I see him every day on his webcam) but even so, it's so hard to believe that little squalling wriggly thing that Mom and Dad brought home that hot Summer day is now 61 fucking years old.
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