Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Well, there's a snag...

As suspected, the tablet - at the sale price - sold before noon.  Kind of.  I have just learned that a sale is not always a sale. A sale can be 'pending' which can be when Amazon cannot confirm valid payment or when the seller puts it in the cart and then doesn't check out or a couple of other things.

Pending can last 21 days. Pending means I get no cash. But I do get my item shanghai'd. I can't do squat. Until they pay up or the 21 days is up. Oh well. Good info to have, I guess.

I've spent a good bit of the afternoon listening to my latest audio book which is another delicious one. JoJo Moyes wrote a book I read and thoroughly enjoyed a while back.  Me Before You.  Now I'm reading One Plus One. Initially, it annoyed me because it has multiple people reading various parts. I like one reader, thank you very much and you can kill the music. Don't need it. But, because she's such a great writer, I quickly got over my annoyance and got sucked right into the plot and the delightfully flawed and wonderful characters. I am half way through and already to the can't wait to see what happens/don't want this book to end crest.

I think there will be breakfast for dinner.
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