Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm sitting on my bed with my coffee getting all internetted and ready to start my day. Actually, I kinda already started it at the pool with my swim, so this will be, I guess, a restart.

My Windows tablet has gotten no action from the Amazon sale so this morning, I dropped the asking price by 10% and, bam, I got in inquiry immediately. I suspect it will sell by day's end.  I paid $200 for it and am selling it for $150. Not too shabby.  Toilet money.

So there will likely be a trip to the post office today. It's supposed to be really really hot today so if no sale, then I'm going nowhere.  I am also going to do laundry. I only have one load but my favorite shirts are in there and my swim towel needs freshening up.

And, that's about it for today.  If I do have to go out to the post office, I may swing by Home Depot for a toilet tour.

The woman who sent me a note about the tablet has now been pounding me with questions. I hope she does not buy it because I am sure it will come right back to me. The messy side of selling...
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