Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last week, I got an email from a place I actually have ordered from before but never asked for email updates. Normally, I would look for an 'unsubscribe' and/or report it as Spam.  BUT, it actually touted something that I was interested in. And, instead, I ordered it.

My car has no bluetooth. A while back I found a gizmo that is a bluetooth adapter. It enables me to play music off my phone through the radio speakers. But, it requires cables to snake out from the glove compartment (where the aux jack is) to the cigarette lighter which have always annoyed me. This gizmo lives entirely in the glove compartment and works faster and steadier. I'm delighted!  Oh and since the company is in Bellevue, the next Wednesday delivery date actually happened yesterday!!

It's going to be Africa hot today and tomorrow. So my only out is early morning. This morning I decided to go to breakfast early and get home before the heat and the baseball crowd. I beat the crowd but it was already getting hot by the time I got home.  At the restaurant, I started reading a book that I had downloaded a sample of.  It's an epistolary novel (a genre(?) I love) - a story told in emails and it sucked me right in.  I hit the end of the sample midway through breakfast.

I recently found an app that enables my phone to tether and so give internet access to things like my Fire tablet and not charge any more than my $30 a month plan (godloveya, T-Mobile).  So I fired that sucker up, connected the tablet, clicked on 'buy' and kept on reading.  (The book, by the way, is Love Virtually by Daniel Glattauer.)

Living in the future is truly wonderful.

Home now with my beloved air conditioner. Plans are to watch CBS Sunday Morning and then the baseball game and knit and crochet and stay kewel.
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