Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The day... so far

Swimming was great. My favorite lifeguards were on duty and there were only three of us in the pool. We could (and did) use mens room urinal rules - we each took a lane with an empty lane in between. It was kind of different and nice for a change. No having to dodge others. Not even being distracted by anyone. And I had a new playlist. Oh and new goggles. So excellent cubed.

The on to IHOP which was great as usual. We have two IHOPs around here. The closest one is tiny, dirty, always packed and kind of gross. The other one - the one I went to - is big and lovely and no waiting and nice diners and really nice staff and good food. So great experience. I read an article about a French madame who is 90 now but operated in Paris in the day. Article was from my 30-day free Vanity Fair tablet subscription. It was really interesting. May have to re-up after the 30 days are used up.

Then on to the Dollar store which I just love. I spent $30 but had $300 worth of fun just wandering around looking at all the stuff. I am such a cheap soul.

Then on to the grocery store where I didn't buy much. Anita will be here cheffing on Tuesday so I didn't need much.

Then on to the gas station where I filled up and got washed.

Then sat in traffic for the last mile home. Amazon Company Picnic in the Century Link Field stadium and grounds. Lots o' traffic.

I got home and put the groceries away and then called Ameriprise and got my account back and fixed my security questions and discovered they now have a Total View thing where I can add my other accounts (BECU, mortgage, Discover) and get the big picture PLUS now my adviser can see everything I've got and better advise me! Nice. I have one annuity which I will finally be able to roll over into Ameriprise at the end of this month and then my accounts will be really streamlined and simplified. My brother will be astounded at how easy the financial part of after I die will be. And he'll be so grateful.

Now we are all caught up with me... today... so far.

The next item of business will be to put away the non-grocery things and get some watermelon for lunch and then watch a little TV until the Mariner game at 6.
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