Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It was hot sleeping last night and it will be for the next few nights so just shut up. Ok. The air conditioner makes it a lot less horrible than not.


Swimming this morning at 8:30 and then I think I'll go up north a bit to IHOP and the dollar store and the grocery store. That's the plan right now, anyway.


I am more and more enamored of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and it's fine but this Fire tablet is just a better over all experience.  I like it for playing games and reading books and, lately, for reading magazines - those converted from paper like Vanity Fair and TV Guide - and those that are web magazines.  I like the buttons on the tablet and the physical feel. The software - the Amazon overlay atop the android operating system. It just make sense to me.  I have a little, lightweight bluetooth keyboard.

I think if/when I go somewhere for a night or weekend, I would absolutely take the Fire and keyboard (and phone) instead of a chromebook (and phone).  I am really surprised and delighted by how much I really do like it.

I will be looking at what's coming out for this Christmas. But, now it's going to have to be something really new and different to perk my interest.


When the movie, Frozen, came out last winter, I passed on it to save for watching in the heat of Summer. I watched it last weekend. I was glad I waited (and glad I didn't buy a ticket for it).  It was ok and I enjoyed the cold of it.

I have the ad subsidized version of the Fire tablet. You save money. When the Fire wakes up, there's an ad. It's easy to swipe away but lots of them are for stuff I'm happy to know about. Yesterday there was one for a Frozen match 3 game. Free.

When you match, the sound is of ice crunching. I love it!! It's the perfect Summer game.


My Ameriprise account (where I have all my investments) is locked because I cannot remember what I said for 'what's my dream job'. GRRRR  I now have a scheme for all security questions but I forgot to change them at Ameriprise.  (My scheme is a 10 character word that I made up when I was learning to talk - it then became a family joke - plus the last word of the question. So the answer should be (if xxx was the made up word) xxxjob.)

So I have to spend some time on the phone with the Ameriprise which has never quite 'gotten' the online thing. I suspect a DNA sample will be involved.  At least they have Saturday hours. I'll do it this afternoon.

My parents gave each of their grandchildren the equivalent of $10,000 in 4 annual installments when they turned 18. (The amount was adjusted for inflation over the years.) The youngest and last of their grandchildren turned 19 this year. The doling out of the $ was inherited by me. And I turned it over to my finance guy. He automated it. So now, every August, I just check and make sure the $ has gone out of the account he set up for it. When I went to check to make sure her money got taken out is when I discovered the security question issue.

2016 and I'll be done with the doling. Since I - by choice - have no contact with my sister and her children (the youngest grandchildren are hers), I will be glad to get this last tie snipped. Two more years.


I think I'll waste some time making cracking ice sounds until time to leave for the pool.
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