Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I feel badly but that's the end of it

My neighbor Ann sent me an email last night saying she wanted to give her husband's laptop to her son but she didn't want her son to see the stuff on it. She wanted to know where to take it to get it wiped. I told her Office Depot.

She just came in to say that Office Depot was a great suggestion.  Then she wanted to know how to get a printer for her iPad and did she need wifi. Yes you need wifi for your iPad. And then she started asking questions:

So when I cancel Clearwire will I still be able to print?
Do I get Comcast for wifi and then Clearwire for printing?
Do I need a router?

She had already tried to find a Clearwire office (there aren't any) and was sent to Sprint who told her they didn't know anything about Clearwire. Her husband set up Clearwire with a router. Her email address is a clearwire address.

But, really, she is so screwed. She does not want to spend any money. She does not want anything to do with a PC. She wants her iPad and her Nook to get internet and she wants to be able to print. And she wants to not spend any money.

"I have a $50 credit at the Apple Store. Maybe I'll use that."

I feel badly for her but no way am I getting anywhere near that. I might as well be the meanie now as later.

I spent some time the other day trying to figure out what I would do if I were in her place. She is so very unprepared for living on her own. She knows, apparently, very little about how to operate. And among the clues she does not have are how and where and who to go to for help. I know from past experience, that if you help her with one thing, you are instantly responsible for that thing and anything attached to it. So there is no slippery slope. There is only one giant cliff with an instant drop.

She does have other friends - here and in Southern California. She's going down there to see some of the California ones in a couple of weeks. Hopefully someone will rescue her. It will not be me.

After she left, I looked up a home computer/network guy who looks like he might just be her speed. I sent her his information in an email.  She'll have to pay him and lordknows what that's going to come to. His last name is Garcia so I can only cross my fingers that she won't slap some racial slur on his poor self.

I guess I should call her and tell her to check her email.  Sigh.

Edit: I called and she was sobbing. "I'm so upset and my nerve pills haven't kicked in yet." I told her that I sent her information in an email and she said ok.

Yes, I feel like a complete and total jerk. But, I don't have the skills to be the kind of better she needs. And I don't want them. I'm not proud of me. I do hope she finds her way either on her own or with the help of better people than me.
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