Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Friday randoms

All day yesterday I yawned, yawned, yawned and was really tired. Last night I had a horrible time sleeping. I coughed, I got into a bad position and woke up nearly paralyzed. By the time 6 am rolled around and it was time to get up to go swimming, I was so grateful to not have to try and sleep any more.

My swim was good. My back is sore again but, hopefully, not horrible. I'm old and out of shape and so paying the penalties.

Yesterday, at the pool, this woman I'd never seen before - about my size and shape and age - got into the pool and fucked around blocking the lane. She wasn't swimming. She was treading water and floating around and just generally making the lane unusable for anyone else. The lifeguard was not a regular and did not police the situation. But, the pool was not that crowded and the next lane over was easily swimmable.

Still, I was annoyed at the woman.  And then she went to get out of the pool and wow. She barely had enough muscle strength to use the ladder to get out. At one point in the very long and painful process, it looked like she would fall back in or land in a heap on the concrete and not be able to get up on her own. The whole process was very slow and excruciating to watch.

When you climb out of the water where your weight has been buoyed, that first step does take more effort.  BUT, at least I can easily climb out. I did, prior to yesterday, think less of myself because I could not hoist myself up and out sans steps.  No more. I am now very grateful that it is easy for me to pop up the steps and out of the pool any time I want. So, thanks, Annoying Lady!!


Nothing else going on today. I bought a couple of new shirts from Lands End that I turned out to love. Plus they were on sale for $11 each. I decided to go back today and buy a couple more. But the price is now $16.  I probably would have been ok with paying $16 if I hadn't paid $11 before. I have plenty of shirts anyway.


My chore list includes going through the freezer and fridge and making room for Anita next Tuesday.


One of my all time favorite restaurants - Lark - is planning a large and different 2nd place not far from their flagship place and not far from me. This was apparently announced last March and I totally missed it.  Looks like it might be opening in a month or two.

The new place across the street - part of the Skillet family of places - is coming along.  It and the gourmet grocery store next door might be open by September. That would be fun.


Years ago, I discovered Addi Turbo knitting needles and they changed the way I felt about knitting - they were marvelous to use. I have since found even better - ChiaoGoo Red's - but... when I went looking for a better crochet hook, I saw that Addi made an interesting line of hooks so I ordered one. And... wow.  They did it again. It makes my hexagon's even funner to crochet.


I am delighted to see LJers who haven't added to their journals in a long while, coming back.
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