Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This morning, I got to the pool and there was another swimmer there - another regular and the maintenance person who had unlocked the door and taken the covers off the pool but that was it. No lifeguards.  The lanes had to be pulled, the flags put up, the lanes marked and other set up stuff. Usually when we get their the life guards have done it all or are doing it. So he and I just got started. By the time the first of the two life guards got there, we'd been joined by a couple of other swimmers and just about had everything done. It was kind of fun. And the pool was only a couple of minutes late in opening.

After my regular internetting this morning, I turned off the radio and listened to the rest of my book. I just couldn't wait to find out what happened. Turned out, after I finished and thought about it, what happened really wasn't that important after all. The book was just so good that it didn't matter and it stayed good until the last word.

I heard from the teddy bear adoption lady. She's aiming for the end of August. She'll come here to pick them up. Nice. She asked me when I started taking them to her and I dug back through this journal and my email and figured out it was early 2007. And before that, for two years I gave them to an emergency response group at the Salvation Army. Bear production has been happening for more than a decade. Wow.

It is cool enough to turn the air conditioner off so far today. Kind of nice to be comfortable without the droning.

I was wrong about the baseball games being at 7. Today's game is an afternoon game. So that's what I'll be doing this afternoon!
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