Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The weather peeps promise cooler starting today. Not dramatically but at least some. Sadly I made the mistake of looking at the 10 day forecast and 10 days from now it will be 90 degrees again. Sigh.

Oh. This laptop has LTE connected to T-Mobile (200 mb per month for life for free. Nice.) and, for the first time, it just connected automatically. This means that the house wifi went off. It came back on within a minute so fine but also very cool how this laptop (a chromebook) navigated the hiccough. The $200 I spent for this thing has turned out to be really money well spent. It's too big 14" and too heavy but I'm even getting used to that.  Nice.

No baseball yesterday so I got nice and caught up on the TiVo backlog. For the next 10 days they play here which means the games are at 7.

Today's swim is at 11. I need to make a quick grocery stop on the way in or out. But, that's about it for today's big doin's.
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