Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


As usual, my Monday morning swim was the best. I actually had a fleeting thought of going to the pool yesterday. I swear if they didn't open so late (noon), I'd swim on Sundays but I'm glad they don't because really, I think it's skipping a day that makes Mondays so good.

There's this very cute boy - probably 20ish - who showed up one day 3 or 4 months ago. He had no goggles, no cap and could barely make the length of the pool without stopping to catch is breath. He showed up a day or two later with goggles and tried again. I've seen him on and off fairly irregularly ever since. Today he was there, in my lane and having zero trouble keeping up with me.  We swam together for nearly 45 minutes and he probably stopped maybe twice. I remarked at how much he had improved and was rewarded with a huge grin. Fun.

I was just listening to a story about how the U.S. is fat because we don't exercise. (new news, nope) and they said that simply doing 30 minutes of movement 3 times a week would fix the problem.  Ok, I swim a mile a day, 6 days a week. It takes me an hour. I am fat and out of shape. I'm thinking this 30 minutes 3 days a week thing is a bit flawed.  (I absolutely understand how I could lose weight and get into better shape. If/when I want to, I will. My point here is misleading news stories.)

I changed the sheets on the bed and considered doing a load of laundry. That part is still under consideration.

My ugly arms and hands continue to be way better since I cut the aspirin and vitamin D dosages in half.  Instead of golf balls sized black purple splotches, I now have freckle sized raspberry colored spots. Not bad at all! It's kind of amazing and I'm so grateful. Much less embarrassing. I need to send my doctor a note to let him know how successful his idea was.

It's hot hot hot hot out today but, after today, it's not quite as bad. Hot but not Africa hot. Hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed - the worst is over.
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