Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I still haven't found a good Sunday brunch place that is air conditioned. And it's too hot to chance a sweaty breakfast. Especially since I have cool and breakfast stuff here.  Plus, the baseball game is at 10:30 today. So I'll be doing my own brunch right here. I'm thinking maybe cheese and bacon  omelette with toast.

I discovered - well, I didn't discover but did find out that the problem I returned my Kindle Fire HDX tablet for, is caused by my Last Pass software. Sigh. I hadn't yet turned on the particular switch that causes the problem which is great because I would have just gone through the roof if the damn thing had started reading out loud again.  I still really do love that tablet - more and more.  It's so damn operational.  I have a Nexus 7 tablet which is good but it's more like my phone but bigger without a service plan.  The Fire is a different animal that is really much easier to use for what I use it for  - reading books and magazines, listening to books and playing games. The Nexus 7 does all of that but the Fire does it way more elegantly.

I spent a good bit of time yesterday organizing my yarn. I got another free shipping coupon from my yarn site so I decided before ordering, I'd take inventory of what colors I have now and order smartly this time.  Done and done.

One of the people who's journal I've read for a long time is in Amsterdam for Pride and has great photos and commentary.  I did NOT know that their Pride Parade was a float down the canals until I read pink_halen's account.  His entries are just delicious.  And available to the public.

I think it's time now for that omelette.
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