Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Zoey is having a day. She generally goes to sleep with me and then goes to her own bed in the other room where she sleeps until I get up for coffee or I come back from swimming and get coffee. This morning, however, she came into my bed about 5:30 and wandered around me and head butted me and meowed and then stayed right by me while I got up and got ready to swim and then hopped onto the credenza by my keys.

When I got home she was still there, right by the door waiting and has stuck by me like glue for the past hour. Until now. Now she's making sure her ratty toy knows who's in charge. I wonder what's really on her little kitty mind.

There were very few people at the pool this morning. In fact, for the first 10 minutes, I was it. Others came but not so many. It was just a nice drama free swim.

Today I'm meeting my pool friend, Madalene for lunch. She has an acupuncture appointment in Chinatown that ends at 10 and since it's in the 'hood next door to me, she asked if  wanted to meet for an early lunch. Sure! So that's what we are doing. It would normally be too hot for me to make that walk - across two blocks of parking lot with zero shade and then up two more blocks with not too much more shade. In the blazing sun. And, I'm not looking forward to the getting there. But, I have my sun hat and maybe I'll catch a breeze.  Plus, if I order correctly, I'll have enough to bring home for dinner!

The baseball game is at 4 and that's the agenda for today.

Today is August 1. Labor Day is September 1. It used to be that the hot was always gone by Labor Day but in the past few years, it's taken a couple of weeks longer to get out of Dodge. So I'm calling 6 more weeks of hot and then back to reasonable, rational, comfortable, susandennis-pefect weather. Yeah!!
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