Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I like Costco bakery stuff - usually. But, yesterday I got bagels. They were a 2fer special. I got a half dozen plain and a half dozen parmesan cheese. I toasted one of the cheese ones for dinner last night and I had one of the plain ones with coffee this morning.

I do not remember EVER having bagels that bad - that dry, in my life - including ones that were once good and got stale. Even the stale ones were better than these Costco things. I have half a mind to return them except I tossed the receipt and it's not worth the effort. But, note to self - even if they are giving them away for free, pass!


The Blue Angels tied traffic into a knot about the time I needed to leave for errands and pool and I was quite proud of my circuitous route to both Office Depot (drop off UPS package) and the pool.  Missed the mania. (For the record, I think those damn things are a testosterone laden giant waste of taxpayer money and they are way too fucking loud but I got tired of getting on my high horse every year so I now my game is to just count the days until they are gone for the year.  3.)

Office Depot had a huge sign outside and a giant display inside looking for workers.  Interesting. They are even having a hiring fair next week.  Part time positions included. Kind of a little bit tempting.  I noticed last night there was a commercial for school supplies and the point was you can get cool stuff at either Office Max or Office Depot. I thought they were going to consolidate under the Office Depot name but I guess not - at least not right away.


Laundry is laundrying and I'm munching lunch as I type. The game is at 4 and all is good.
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