Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Oh my achin' back!!

Yeah, my lower back has a severe case of 'sitting wrong for too long and not moving and bad posture and located on a too fat body' itis.

Swimming helped a little but it hurt the whole time. I think it needs a walk. But it's hot. And malls don't do it for me. Plus, I need bacon and grapefruit so I think I'm going to go to Costco. I can walk around inside cool - and stop any time without being too far from home or car.  So that's the plan for this morning.

Yesterday I watched a documentary - How to Die in Oregon. The subject matter - death with dignity - is very important to me. And being way closer to my own end (closer than to the beginning for sure), it just sucked me in like I was there. I am so grateful to the people in the documentary and their families for sharing those most private of moments so that I can better understand what might be in my own future. I'm so very enormously grateful to live in a state where I have some legal power over my own end and help available for it.

I've been tying up loose ends. Well, using them up actually. In my knitting.

I can get two bears out of a skein of yarn and have a small bit left over. For ages, I have tossed those small balls into the storage ottoman.  Some balls are bit enough for a bear sweater. Some are too small for a ball and I use those for the face embroidery.  Last month, the ottoman got perilously full. And I started crocheting the hexagons. And I started using the smaller bits for stripey sweaters on the bears.

There is something so enormously satisfying about putting those useless bits into service. And, now the ottoman yarn level is down substantially. I've used up all of the smallest bits - no more stripey sweaters. And now I'm working my way through the smaller balls.

It makes me feel tidy to get my yarn organization under control. Silly but true!

I got a survey request from HP which I was delighted to fill in. I sure hope Dell sends me one. For opposite reasons I am equally eager to share my opinion with them. HP got my machine from me and back to me in a week.  Dell is taking a week to get the machine from me to them. I wonder how old I'll be when they get it back to me. Sigh.
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