Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I rotate 2 swim suits. Each is a couple of years old but, considering the time they spend in chlorine, they have held up pretty well. Before I found this brand - Krinkle - I rarely had a suit last me more than a few months before some part blew, making wearing it to swim too embarrassing.  Krinkles last but they aren't cheap.  Usually, on sale, they are $60 for the fat girl sizes.

Both of my suits, however, are showing signs of exhaustion.  I noticed this morning that the stitching on the one that is in the best shape is now coming out of the top. I can repair but only for so long.

Today I went online to me two favorite swimsuit sites - and to check prices, colors, sizes, availability...  Plan was to make notes of what I want and current prices and then keep an eye out for sales.

But, turns out swimoutlet had the exact suit I wanted reduced by $20! Ok by me. The did not have my exact color choices but I managed to find two different colors I like and so I bought 2 new swim suits!! And new goggles with FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING and no sales tax. Under $100 total.

Major score.
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