Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I have discovered (again, anew?) that if I don't eat lunch, I eat all day long until I am asleep. Everytime I get up, I shove something into my mouth.  So, I have been working making sure I eat lunch and before 1 pm. Yesterday was a total fail - partially because the home owners meeting was at 6 and not over until 7:30. I did not want to cook something and eat at 8 so I just continued the nibbling that I'd started earlier in the day. Not good.

Last time I was a Costco I got some sandwich rolls and then stopped, on the way home at KFC and got chicken fingers.  2 chicken fingers in these rolls with a little mayo and a Diet Dr. Pepper turns out to be a Proper Lunch for me.  So today I went back, after my swim,  and got 6. Lunch for 3 days. And by that time, I'll be sick of them and ready for something else.

There's a move afoot to turn an old Federal building not far from here into a school. A downtown school for kids. And every time I hear about it, I cringe. To me a school means more families and more strollers and more family-friendly (read boring and/or loud) things and far fewer adult only, interesting things. We have tons  and tons of suburbs. They have schools. They have boring stuff. They have family-friendly shit. Why in gods name do families want to take over the only sane neighborhood we have???? Hopefully, it won't fly - the school thing.

My CPA called today. Last March, we discovered a deduction we did not make the year before - for the Health Savings Account contributions. He asked if I wanted to file an amended return and I said sure - if his fees would be less than any refund I got, I'd be interested.  And then I heard nothing and figured that he looked into it and the net was less than the cost.

Wrong. He did the return. $400 refund for me. His bill is $110. I win.

It's not fun outside but it is wonderfully cool in here. I am ohhh so grateful.
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