Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night I went to our condo's home owners association meeting. It was interesting.

My neighbor Ann was there. She was bored before but I think since her husband died, she's kicked it up to a new level. I'm sorry for her and hope she finds her way sooner than later.  She no longer drops in here whenever she wants - or even at all. She can't go two sentences without smearing populations - people for whom English is not their first language, people with accents, people who are of a different color or race or who practice non-protestant Christian religion. My pointing out how offensive this is to hear did nothing to curtail it. So I curtailed the visiting.  We got in a small chat last night. Fortunately, the meeting started before I had to hear her latest slur.

The new building manager does not seem to be getting any less annoying. Seems like there should be a statute of limitations on how long he can blame his own short commings on the former manager. Also, he seems to have ear/mouth issues. He has to answer before the end of the question and can't seem to listen to anyone ... because he has to talk.  I give him a year or less before he is gone.

The majority of board members, on the other hand, seem to be way sharper than usual. There's one that's a little loose in the screws department but we are extremely lucky to have the rest of them in leadership positions.

The air conditioner that I bought last Spring bragged about being energy efficient on the outside of the box. I did not believe it. But I was wrong.  My electric bills - compared to last Summer - are way lower. Like 30% and the rates per are higher.  Wow.  Impressive. And, I have to say that the house is more consistently cooler and a lot quieter.  Soooo glad I pulled that trigger.  The 10 day forecast shows 0 relief from hot sun with no clouds.  If you need me, I'll be in my cool house or in the pool!

Today is swim at 11. And baseball at 4.
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