Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

lunch break

Google navigation had a stroke so I got to IKEA via a circuitous route which turned out to be tree-lined and lovely. I got to the store at 9:30 and got a parking place, in the shade, right by the front door!!  I had a mediocre breakfast although I'm not sure it's fair to characterize eggs, sausage, potatoes and coffee for $1.08 as mediocre!!

I only needed the back half of IKEA and so successfully navigated only those areas I needed. The cool lamps in many (and my) colors that they used to have now come in white. SNOOZE! So I passed but for $1 each I snagged 2 perfectly sized mats for my car!  And I got my sheet/curtains.  All in all, a perfect IKEA-ation.

While out I got an email from Amazon that they could not replace my tablet via email and I would have to call. So I endured 45 minutes of hold music, overuse of my name, a rerun of all the troubleshooting they and I did yesterday and another escalation.  I had forgotten that I bought it when they were $30 off one day so returning it and buying new would cost me $30 which is why I even bothered calling... Finally, just before I was ready to order a sawed-off shotgun, I just started begging.  And the phone dude folded. New tablet will be here Wednesday.

I washed the curtains from the bedroom and tossed the old liners into the Goodwill bin.  I got 3 our of 5 rehung and they look great - fresh and nice.  But, then it was lunch time so I took a break. Now I'm going back in to finish the job.  And then it will be sit and knit time.

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