Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Finding stuff, finding solutions

Last week I lost a dust buster. I had the charger, I just couldn't find the buster. Today I was determined to bust that buster out of its hiding place. I started with the car, because that's where I remembered having it last. And then I came back up here to do a grid search.  Happily, I found it in the first room. Whew.  It's now with the charger tethered to the outlet. With instructions to stay there until I come back for it.

My Kindle Fire HDX, of which I am growing increasingly fond, has a Text to Speech capability. If you like, it will read your book to you.  The voice isn't robotic but it has no inflection and is weird. But, I couldn't turn it off. Every time I open the book - on the bus, in a restaurant, the bitch would start reading - loudly. The setting for Text to Speech was turned off. Nothing I could figure out how to do, turned the bitch off.  The Fire has a Mayday button - click it and an Amazon person will come into view in a little window in under 30 seconds. So I clicked. The Amazon person had no idea how to fix it and transferred me. After a way too long wait, I got a person who knew less than the Mayday person so I said no thanks and hung up.

I googled til my fingers bled.  I rebooted. I cleared the cache for the Kindle app. I got verification on an Amazon board that it shouldn't be doing what it was doing.  So I did a factory reset. Whew and yeah! fixed!!!

God, I love the cloud. It makes things like factory resets so painless.

One of my brother's webcams has been a problem for weeks on my desktop PC. I like to keep it up and keep and eye on the comings and goings. But it worked only occasionally. It worked fine on my laptop. Fine on my tablet. Just not on my PC. Today I sat down to figure it out. I tried this, I tried that. And finally I though to try reconnecting the wireless. I deleted it from the network and rebuilt the connection and BAM! working like a champ.

Oh and then I found a little app that sync's up my Chrome browser with the browser on the Fire. Another problem fixed.

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