Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Days like this

It's just after 10 am. And so far, the most perfect day.

I got to the restaurant and found easy parking. The outside tables were pretty full but inside, where I like to sit, was not crowded at all. I usually get one of their tiny tables for two but today I got a giant booth all for me. Breakfast was delicious.

On to Trader Joe's. Again Very easy parking in a lot that rarely has much at all. Inside was not at all crowded. The music was perfect (I LOVE the music at Trader Joe's.) I found everything I wanted and passed on a couple of things I didn't need but would have gotten had I not just had breakfast!

On to Safeway. Again, easy parking and checkout people who weren't yet pissed at the day.

On the way home as I sailed passed the baseball stadium where some folks were gathering but no crowd yet, Google Music's I Feel Lucky Play list started up Van Morrison's Days Like This.

Yes, indeedy... Days Like this are just sooooo nice.

Now I'm home and the groceries are put away.  All is excellent-o.
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