Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Time Marches on...

I moved into this condo in January of 1992. It was really December but the very tail end. Every day was something new in the 'hood. My terrace overlooked the Kingdome and the Kingdome parking lot and across it, the gravelly junk yards on the other side of the train station before Chinatown.

My Mom was coming to visit that July. She was actually coming to visit my sister but it was handy to stop here for the night on the way to visit The Daughter Who Provided Grandchildren.  (My sister, with whom I have not spoken - by choice - in a decade, lives 2.5 hours north of here.)

Anyway... Mom was supposed to get here on Friday night and I was ready. The house was clean, the fridge was stocked and I was ready. And Daddy called to say there was a problem with her plane and she was coming on Saturday instead.  Shortly thereafter, I noticed commotion on the street below my condo. I called my friend from work, Nancy, and said that there was action down here and I had cold beer and needed company so I didn't mess up the house. She came right over.

The commotion was the Seafair fun run which started and ended just under my terrace. We drank cold beer and cheered the runners. Then the parade that had started downtown came to my house. It marched right across the parking lot and around the Kingdome before it ended in the parking lot on the other side.

When it got dark, Nancy and I took lawn chairs and went down to the street to watch the lighted parade go by. It was wonderful and amazing.

And the years went by.  They built really nice looking buildings in the gravel pits between me and Chinatown. Oh and they renamed Chinatown to the International District. They tore down the Kingdome and built a football stadium and an exhibition center. So the parade started ending before it actually got to the parking lot.  But still some bands kept going and it was fun to watch.  Then they built a building the parking lot...

Tonight, I can kind of hear some of the bands but I can't see them.  It's ok. I have great memories of the way it used to be and I really like the way the neighborhood is now so as we say... it's all good.


I have a guest/reading bed in a little room at the front of the condo. It is an airbed that I think has a slow leak. I have long hated the bedspread that is now old and faded and covered in cat hair.  I got to thinking that maybe IKEA would have something I could instead of the one I hate so I looked online to get an advance peek and see what they had size wise. And then I remembered a quilt I have that has a pattern on one side (which will not do at all)  but is navy blue on the other.  I dug it out and replaced the one I hate and it totally works!!!  I love shopping in my house. Delivery is fast and the prices are great!
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