Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Home where it's warming up...

My swim was good. There's a woman who often swims on Saturdays and is very chatty and fun. I have no clue what her name is but we finish about the same time and so chat a little.  Today she was remarking on what a great swim day it was "no crowds and my cast of favorites was all here."   It's funny. Lane swimming is very singular.  I get in and swim my mile and get out. I might stop a time or two to adjust earphones or clear out goggles but never for longer than necessary. No swimmer visits. I rarely end up in the locker room with people I know so there's no exchange there... I mean it's a solitary thing.

And. Yet. I know exactly what she means and feel exactly the same way. It's comforting and nice to have people you come to know and/or recognize swimming around you. Makes no sense but there it is.

I also found out that she is a linguist. I've never known a linguist before. She explained that her brand is of the how people think of the words that they use kind of linguist.  FASCINATING! And very cool to know.

After swimming, I headed over to Office Max to drop off my FedEx package - the Dell tablet off for warranty repair.  On the list of things that Dell is handling poorly in this whole deal is a rather humorous typo on the instruction page.  In a run on list of all the places you can drop off the box - mostly various flavors of FedEx offices - there is included, in the middle, Office Mac.  Wonder what ever happened to the Dell Dude.

Most of my out shipping goes via UPS so I drop them off at Office Depot which is about a half mile from Office Mac(x). OD has not very interesting inventory which very very nice people.  OM has much better inventory with a staff that would rather you go somewhere else. Interesting.

I got home without hitting traffic problems but they were starting to mount. Glad I nixed further errands.

At  home, it's hot so the air conditioner is on. Sometimes when I first hit the on button, it wakes with a loud crack. Today Zoey was sitting next to it and jumped. Now it's the usual cooling droning sound and she is stalking it.

Breakfast was good. I'm nearly out of bacon. And the only kind I really like is at Costco. So it looks like that's on the list for next week.

As soon as I finish my coffee, I need to clean the kitchen and then update the music on my swimming Shuffle and get it charged. And then it will about baseball game time.
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