Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday randoms

I did sleep well last night but I was busy. I start off sleeping with my head raised and my feet raised a little. Then, in the night, my back complains so I go to flat. And after an hour or two my nose clogs and then my mouth becomes a painful desert so I raise the head of the bed a bit again and that fixes that.

You'd think with all this up and down (combined with trips to pee and drinks of water) would not be conducive to a good night's sleep but I enjoy it. I love the feeling of being a little awake in the middle of the night and scrunching down to bring sleep back again.  And, it was cool enough to be comfortable.

Today will likely heat up enough that it will be time to turn the air conditioner back on until we get cool again.  The next 10 days look too warm for me and mostly cloudless but not africa hot.

Today is swimming - in an hour.  Then I think I might go over to West Seattle for breakfast and a grocery store run.  Or I might not.  There is a city wide run this morning - mainly at the other end of town. Then there's a big night time parade through downtown. And in between is a home Mariners game.  So traffic, around town, will be mostly fucked.  I might trade the West Seattle plan for Beacon Hill which would make getting home more better maybe or I'll just play it safe and come on home. There's nothing I really desperately need at the grocery anyway.  And I have stuff here to make good breakfast.

Skipping ahead to next week, I think I'm going to go to IKEA on Monday. I need 5 flat white sheets and theirs are by far the cheapest and a better size for my project than regular twin bed sizes. In my bedroom, I have two sets of closets that have curtains instead of doors. The curtains are shear and are backed by white sheets. The shears need washing and the sheets need replacing. So that's my project du next week.  I think I'll probably head down to get there for free Monday breakfast before the store doors open.

I just realized I forgot to do my plank yesterday. I guess we'll call that my rest day.
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