Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kitten/cat/dog thoughts

Our condo rules confine pet ownership to two pets. Until Betty died nearly a year ago, I've always had two cats.  A couple of months before she died, I got Zoey.  When I brought Zoey home, she had patches of fur missing and she was super skinny. Then Betty died and more fur went missing.  And then, about six months later, there was no fur missing at all and she looked like she had never missed a meal.

We've grown used to each other. She comes when I call her name. She cuddles when she wants to, which is often.  She rarely hides. I know her spots. She follows me from room to room.  And makes sure I'm always fine and dandy.  She plays with toys and sprinkles them all over. She is particularly fastidious about ensuring anything that can be knocked to the floor, is.  She has a job and takes it seriously and she has fun.

When I think about getting a kitten or another cat, I think about how that synergy would be interrupted. What if she just hated the other cat? What if the other cat made her miserable?

I think if she were bored or boring, I might feel differently but for now, I think as long as she is spry and interested and interesting, we'll just be us.

I'd love to have a dog. But I really think my having a dog would be really unfair to the dog. And probably to Zoey for the reasons outlined above.

So this entry is the one that I will keep in mind next time I come across an 'adopt me' pet wagon like today.
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