Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Glad I went, glad I'm home.

It's the kind of day that is too hot in the sun and if you catch a breeze, it's chilly enough to need long sleeves.  Borderline good for my outing.  I left the house a little after 9 and so missed rush hour. The bus was full but not horrible and air conditioned. The bus let me off 3 blocks from where the fair was (parking garage for a downtown mall).

It was huge. Booth after booth after booth of mostly beautiful things. The places to sit and rest were all in one place at the far end. I would have been far better off had I been able to take a load off and breathe for a bit.  But, my hips were also screaming, I don't know what that was about.  As with any outing I have to judge how much juice I have left in the tank to make sure I have enough to get home. I'm not good at that.  Finally, though, I realized that I had seen a lot and probably enough and was hungry and thirsty.  They had food booths but nothing looked good and there was no place to take the food and sit and eat it.

So I found a teriyaki place on the phone a few blocks from where I was and from where the bus stop was and enjoyed a lovely lunch in air conditioning with my book to keep me company.

Then a long wait for the bus back. When I got off at my stop, some dude from the local Humane Society had a truck set up for pet adoptions. I very nearly brought home a kitten.

But, I got home, kittenless but fine.  I have no stamina but things could be worse. And I am sure that I will sleep well tonight!

I'm resting now so I can do my plank. I started doing a plank-a-day a week ago. I did 20 seconds at first. Now I'm up to 30. The plan is to do a 60 second plank every day for a week then a 60 second side plank a day for a week and then a 60 second other side plank a day for a week and then go back to the regular planks.
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