Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Tracking the progress

As I suspected, dealing with Dell to get my under warranty tablet was as painful as dealing with HP's warranty service was delightful. I have now created a timeline with notes of each offense for my own amusement and in case I actually do need it.  They are sending a box. As soon as this thing gets fixed, I'm selling it.  And, Dude, this is my last Dell.

So, since my only other Windows machine (the rest are Chromebooks or Android devices) is my desktop, I'll have to use it for iTunes.  I hate hate hate the idea of contaminating my PC with iTunes but it's the only way I can maintain my Shuffle for swimming.  At least, at this point, I have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled the stupid software enough times that I understand how to set preferences to at least mitigate the take over and cut down on some of the nagorithmics.  Still, I so hate that Piece Of Crap.

And the Mariners lost ... again ... to the Mets.  Ugh.

And my lungs are having a not great day. I'm sucking down my inhaler and taking my CoughNoMore pills but it's not working all that well.  At least I have no where I have to go and noting I have to do.  And I can go to be early if I want. And just sleep it better.

On the very very very up side, it's been a gloriously wonderful rainy day today.  It feels like everything got washed. And it's chilly. I just had to shut the door! Well, except for a crack. It was either that or go find my slippers or some socks.  What a magnificent middle of the Summer gift. I love it. And if I do go to bed early, I know I'll be able to comfortably snuggle under the covers.

So... to sum up... bitch, moan, bitch, moan, bitch, moan, yeah!!!
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