Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Woooo hooo!!! RAIN!!

We do not get much rain in the Summer and even after 22 years here, it still seems unnatural. I love rain but I really really love Summer rain and today we have some.  And it's wonderful. When I left the house this morning for the pool, I realized that this was the first time since spring that I have had to have my lights on when I go to the pool. A great sign on it's own.

Half way there, it started raining - big old ploppy rain drops. So nice. And it is still going now.

My swim was good even though it was interrupted have way through with a not so nice little coughing fit which was exacerbated by the realization that I did not have my rescue inhaler with me - even in the car. I finally got past it and was able to finish my mile  with easy breathing and no coughing. Whew.

Today's adventure is sending a piece of technology back due to power port issues. Deja Vu!! This time it's my Windows tablet. And the company is Dell and I'm thinking they are going to be the opposite of HP to deal with. Starting with no email service for this kind of warranty issue.  Blech. As soon as I get it fixed, I'm selling it. It's too fiddly and not worth the hassle.

The baseball today is an afternoon game which will be nice for a change.
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