Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My swim this morning was even better than usual. I had some new music on my Shuffle and the water just felt so good.

I've got nothing going on today. It looks like it will be our last day of cool so I feel like I should do something to take advantage.

I think I'll start with changing the sheets on the bed and doing some laundry.  That may be followed by a Costco run.  And I need gas.  Those are two things I really hate to do when it's hot.   There... I now have a plan. Whew.

Also I got a $15 bill from my doctor from the visit last May.  The policies of my insurance seem pretty straight forward. The charts of what they will pay and won't pay are clear.  But the info in those charts does not come close to matching their Explanation of Benefits statements. I have tried and tried to understand and have failed.  Happily, so far, my out of pocket has turned out to total about $20 a quarter which is lovely.  But, in the back of my mind, I think that my not understanding could lead to a big $hock at some point.

But, then, I think, at my age, why worry. So I don't. I'm just happy I have a doctor I love, a disease that is not horrible, easy access to drugs and insurance that costs me next to nothing.

And a beautiful, cool, cloudy day ahead of me.
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