Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Or maybe not + feeding the reading beast

I was starving. I looked at the clock. It was not yet 9. I looked at the brunch place's website to make sure it opened at 10.  Nope, 10:30.  Fuck that.

I made myself an absolutely delicious breakfast and ate it. And it's still and hour away from the French place's opening. Ha!


I've been thinking a lot about book reading and book acquisition and book formats. I love Kindle reading but audiobooks are so satisfying. Years ago my brother once talked about wishing he could listen to an audiobook and then pick up the word version and start reading from the point he had stopped listening. And then Amazon invented that. If you buy the Kindle book, you get a deal on the audible copy. But, if you are an Audible subscriber, it's not that great a deal.  Plus, my Paperwhite doesn't do audio.

And then some things happened. I sold my Kindle Fire (which was way too heavy and futzy) for way more money than I expected. So I bought a Fire HDX which I assumed would be as futzy and I'd send it back. But, turns out, it is not at all. It's a lovely little tablet that is quite nice to use!  And it does both the Kindle books as well as the Audible books.  (So does my phone but this is bigger.)

Amazon came out with it's $10 a month lending club. From a special catalog, you can borrow up to 6 books at a time. And some of those books are Whispersync!  So you get both the audio and the print!! But, $10 a month? Really? Most of the books on my wish list aren't on the Unlimited list.

I pay Audible $23 a month for 2 book credits. But... if I went to one book credit a month for $15, then the Amazon deal would be only $2 more and I'd get way more...  SCORE!!!

Plus, I still have the library. There was a book I wanted today. I only want the reading version, not the audio for this one - The Mockingbird's Neighbor - about the author's own time with the reclusive Harper Lee. It's not on the Unlimited list BUT I can check out the Kindle version from the Seattle Library.

I'm a TV addict. My parents never let us watch TV as a kid on a school night (Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza - both on Sundays - were the exception) and I swore when I grew up, I'd watch as much TV as I wanted. And I have. But, I find I want less. And, with baseball, I have less time for regular TV anyway. And I'm enjoying books more.

So more books, more choices, I love living in now.
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