Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday Sunday

About 8 weeks ago I had my last doctor visit. My hands and arms were crowded with severe and ugly Senile Pupura bruises. He told me to cut my daily aspirin and Vitamin D into every other day. It was kind of a spaghetti move - let's toss this on the wall and see if it works. I was happy to try anything.

Now... 8 weeks later, I'm thinking the spaghetti may well have stuck.

One whole arm and hand is nearly bruise free.  The other hand and arm has a fair number of the bruises but they are very small and very light colored. You could almost not notice them and if you did notice, they don't look like skin cancers at all.

I'm delighted!

I'm wondering about jwg. When last heard from, he was having a semi successful fight with his hospital bed. I am never terribly comfortable when someone in the hospital goes radio silent. I wonder if the bed turned on him after all.

There's a french restaurant not too far from here that has just started serving Sunday brunch. I think, this morning, I'm going to give their Croque Madame a test drive. They don't open until 10 and there's an event at the baseball stadium which could make getting home after a bit of a challenge but I'm going to chance it.  I've got a couple of hours to kill til 10.

It's marvelously wonderfully cool. I slept oh so comfortably last night without the air conditioner even on.  Ahhhhhhh.  And the next couple of days will be the same.  Nice. So. Nice.
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