Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I had a great swim. The pool was amazingly quiet in the absence of the hoards from last night.  After my swim, I stopped at the library and then went to 'the other' Grocery Outlet. It has different inventory, sometimes, than mine does and I wanted eggs so I figured I'd pick them up there and see if there was anything interesting... I found a few things and then came on home.

Once here, I did stuff. I put away the groceries, hung up my suit and towel to dry, cleaned up the kitchen. Then I did the rather convoluted process of moving the music from the library onto my iPod Shuffle ready for swimming on Monday.  And I made cookies.  Yes, I did. From one of those packets - chocolate chip and walnut. They are cooling and I haven't tasted them yet but I can say that the dough was delicious.

It is cool enough today to heat the oven for cookies and to even have the door to the outside open.  LOVELY.

I washed the cookie making dishes and did more little things here and there. I feel all productive and tidy.

In the mail today was a lovely flyer from Pramila Jayapal - from the family of LJ's own kyana!

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