Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Yesterday was weird. I felt out of place and disconnected all day. I think it was probably because my schedule was changed and there was a large chunk of time that involved talking to other people.  Neither is really, any more, a skill group!

I met with pool pals for lunch and while it was out of my comfort zone, I really enjoyed it.  We were 6 and very chatty. None of the rest had been to the little restaurant and I had only been there for breakfast. We were late enough in the afternoon that there weren't a lot of other customers. The service was really slow BUT our waiter was tremendous fun.  And, when he finished taking care of all of the particular nit picking wishes of six women, and one of them sent the check back asking for individual checks, he replied, with a smile "Of course! Be right back." He got - at least from me - a HUGE tip.

Today is another day with an actual event in it. The swim meet I volunteered to help with. I figure I'll leave here about 4 and go pick up drive through snack/dinner and head on over.  I'm looking forward to it.

Neighbor Ann was here yesterday. She wasn't here long and I tried to be nice but about 4 sentences in, she was explaining that she had learned to say that Ron died "because if you use the term 'pass', the Mexican's don't know what you are saying."  Apparently a lot of customer service people at the places she is having to talk to are Mexican, I guess. I didn't ask. She's quite busy moving everything from Ron's name to hers.  As she left she said "Oh and Tija is teaching me the www stuff so you are off the hook for now." I said a prayer of thanks.  (Tija is another neighbor who is very kind and patient with a lot of tolerance - the anti-me.)

I'm listening to Mr. Mercedes - by Stephen King. I am a sucker for his story telling but not so much for his stories. I don't like the supernatural stuff but I understand that this book is mostly not. So far, it's quite engaging.
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