Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ooops wrong. Yeah!

Looks like the Amazon delivery has been passed on to the post office after all so it will get here today. The tracking isn't warm and fuzzing but it looks like I won't be whining to Amazon about this one!


My brother has a Dropcam in the back room of his PC repair shop in Texas. He has four young guys now as techs. I can see and hear them.  My brother is in Bakersfield at some kind of marketing conference. So all week, the kids have been running the show on their own.  Two of them have been here for a couple of years.  The other two for only a few weeks.  They are all still working out the dynamics. But, they are all working.  When they are not busy, they are discussing how best to do this or how to crack that problem or let's try this for a while or don't forget to do that.

After the two newbies left last night, the two that have been there for a while, stayed on for a good 30 minutes after the shop was closed to discuss the newbies and how they were doing and how they could do better and generally swapping ideas about running the shop.

When I was there age, and the boss was away, I'd have been honing my solitaire skills at best. I am just so impressed.

(They all know about the camera and totally forget about it. Even my brother forgets that I can hear. They definitely are not putting on a show.)


It is way way way cooler this morning and the sun is off torturing some other place.  It's wonderful. Door is open and while it's not quite cool enough to cool off in here yet, it's still very lovely.
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