Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The home owners board president replied to my note with a resounding and thankful YES. They would love to have an editor and she has several projects in mind.  She sent a smaller one last night. It was a document of Board Tenets that she had written and, while there were a couple of sentences that needed smoothing out, it was mostly a well-written document. She said she sent it to me for smoothing but also for understanding, in future edits, the guidelines by which they were running the organization.  She's so sharp.

So while I cannot affect the annoying Facilities Manager's errors, omissions and offensive emails, at least I can do something positive. And maybe just let go of this jerk's annoyances. He won't last forever. In 20 years we've had 6 and out of 6, we've had 2 good ones and 3 who lasted less than a year.  This too will pass. Or I will!

The editing was fun. My brother has one of those 5 license Microsoft Office packages and, fortunately, made me one of his 5. Apparently the board is pretty much standardized on Office. I could use Google Docs but I don't think the revisions would carry in the conversion.

Next up is what Sandy describes as a giant document which is the revised rules and regulations.  I've always wanted to get my hands on that to see if there was not some way I could fashion a 1 or 2 page top level - readable - version to go with.  The rule beakers do not read tomes.

Nice to have a way to contribute that does not require me to be on a committee.


I have another package coming from Amazon today that I can tell will not make it in the 2-day Prime delivery window.  This is the second one this month. They share the same interim carrier - the carrier that delivers to the USPS who takes it 'the last mile'.  So when I bitch to them I have a victim to blame.


My lunch with swimmers is at 1:30 today.  I have not seen my old swim friend Madalene in forever. She will be there. She called last night asking if we could trade a couple of cups of dry cat food.  For nearly as long as I've known her, she's had an ancient indoor/outdoor cat who hates all the food Madalene gives her.  Madalene who is near 85 who's children have their own families in California and Missouri, and who has no family at all nearby, has been stressing over this cat, Molly, and her eating for years.

I think I'll just swim later today. I need to stop at the library to pick up holds. So I'll probably leave here about 11:30, do the library, do my swim and take my Kindle for any in between lag times.

In the meantime, I ran the dishwasher last night. I think I'll go empty it now rather than putting it off so it becomes a Thing That I Don't Do.
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