Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Editor, edit thyself

I do not like our new building manager. I don't like the way he runs the building and he, himself, rubs me the wrong way. So I'm overly critical and I know it but really...

Every time you have a package in the package bin he sends an email saying Dear Value Community Member...  Now, I find the officious salutation disingenuous at best BUT the typo - Value rather than Valued - make me nuts.  And all of his notes have a 'signature' that is about 25 lines long, 5 different fonts and 4 different colors with some highlighting - red over black font.  It's nauseous.

Today he sent out an email that was laboriously long. The news was:

There will be a special event at Safeco Field on this coming Sunday. The traffic will be managed as usual. It's a softball game that starts at 1:30.

His email was:

This Sunday, July 20th, Safeco Field will be the site of the Richard
Sherman Foundation Celebrity Softball Game.  This event will draw
approximately 20,000 to the ballpark.  The typical traffic control plan
that would be used for a major league baseball game of this size will be
used for this event.  This means that there will be SPD staffing along
Edgar Martinez Drive South, Royal Brougham Way, 1st Avenue, 4th Avenue
and at the entrances to Safeco Field Garage and CenturyLink Field
Garage.  Traffic controls will ramp up with the first officers arriving
around 11:00am and full controls in place around 12:00 noon.  The game
and awards ceremony should be complete approximately 5:30pm with final
cars exiting the area approximately 6-6:30pm.

Note, nowhere in all of his unnecessary words does he mention what time the damn thing starts.

I wrote out a long bitchy email to the board president suggesting they at least fix his damn templates and going on and on about the value of good communications.

I deleted it.

I wrote out a short and sweet email to Michael suggesting that next time he include the start time.

I deleted it.

I finally sent a very short email to the board president saying that if she or the board or Michael ever want a second eye for editing their communications that I'd be happy to serve.

I sent it.
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