Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Busy pool morning

There were some different people at the pool this morning. I was doing my laps and grateful nobody was getting in my way. On may way back to the shallow end at one point, I noticed two youngish guys horsing around and bobbing up and down in the next lane. As I got closer I saw that they had a GoPro camera on a little tripod on the floor of the pool and were down there making funny faces into it. It was pretty funny to watch.

Then, towards the end of my swim, I noticed, several lanes over, that there was someone doing ballet moves - the kind you see in synchronized swimming. She had exquisitely beautiful form and was wonderful to watch. I wish I had had those guys' GoPro!

When I finished up, and got out of the pool, I saw that the dancer was already in the locker room. The only person in the shower when I got there was a woman who swims with the little masters group. We've been 'good morning/good swim?' buddies for a while now. I asked her if she had been doing the ballet moves and she said yes. She said that she had been with beginner synchronized swimming kids last weekend and she got the itch to try some of the moves she used to do back in the day.  She has sure kept beautiful grace and style. I asked her to keep it up so I could watch it again and she allowed as how it's likely she would.

All and all it made for an interesting swim.  Oh and one of the lifeguards mentioned in passing that the swim meet I signed up to volunteer for is likely to go til 10 pm.  I was VERY glad to get my expectations. I would not have expected that at all and would have probably gotten quite antsy.  Good to know ahead of time.

Today, FedEx will delivery the box and label for me to send my chromebook back for warranty repair. I think, when it comes, rather than waiting for FedEx to return on Thursday to pick it up, I'll just take it to OfficeMax or Kinkos myself.

And... that's the action on the docket for today!  When I was a kid, there was a really popular tv show called The Life Of Riley.  Riley was a very early Archie Bunker (and that reference is nearly too old to be useful itself!!)... He (Riley) worked at an airline factory (Boeing??! hahah I had never even heard of Seattle when I watched this show). He punched in, did what little he could, punched out and came home to sit in front of the TV and did nothing. My Mom, when she thought I was being too lazy would say 'what, you think you've got the Life of Riley now????'

Ha, Mom! Last laugh here 'I do have the Life of Riley now!!'
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