Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Maybe only two more days?

It looks like there is a possibility we may get a break in the heat with even some rain on Thursday. That would be so nice.  I don't want to even think about my electric bill for these past couple of weeks. I'd been doing so well. Changing all my ceiling pot lights to LEDs. I actually only have four traditional energy sucking bulbs in the house.  I have far fewer computers and peripherals plugged in and turned on. Even with the rate increases, my electric bill has been under $55 recently.  I'll be lucky if it's under $155 this next time. Oh well.

Swimming today is at 11.  I wouldn't mind doing a bit of shopping - grocery, sundries, craft supplies - but there is nothing I need or want that's worth spending time outside. So I think it's going to be home to pool to home. I am very grateful for the pool.

I just looked back into LJ to find that the day I started swimming a mile a day was August 9th of last year. I started swimming laps in May of 2013 and I was still taking the aqua exercise classes. So it was about this time when I kind of abandoned those classes and totally bought into the laps. For the record, I do not swim a mile a day. I skip Sundays. But, the key for me is that I never ever dread going.  I look forward to it every day. Some days it is not as fun as others but always it is a joy.

My hands and arms are enjoying a rare no-new-blood-bruises few days.  One hand and arm is almost totally normal looking.  The other has a few still healing. I'm sure today I'll bump into something and grow new uglies but this morning, for the record, I could pass for nearly normal!
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