Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sure, I'll do it over again... arugh!

So, I realized the other day that I had way too much stuff on Google Drive. Right now I have more than a terabyte of space available until mid 2016 but my thought is that if I keep it tidy now, when that space expires, I don't want it so full that moving stuff off becomes a big headache and/or paying to store stuff I really don't need isn't that smart a choice either.

I analyzed the folders out there and found one big old fat one that was left over from work and my old desktop. So I just moved it over to a USB drive and boom... my Google Drive was back down to a very reasonable size.  Nice.

Until today. When I discovered that the doc with all my info in it - my Daddy List - the document I've been building for years for my brother after I die (and for my reference) was in that batch and, since it was a Google Doc, and I didn't export it or save it in a protected format, all the data was gonzo. (Yep, I also deleted the Google Drive trash in my big cleanup.)

So today I recreated.  There are a couple of pieces of info that I can't find but nothing critical. And I remembered stuff that wasn't even in the original so it's better.  And I copied it to several places and then I made a PDF of it and mailed it to me. So now we have redundancy of the backup. Ihopetojesus.

Now back to my day.
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