Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Curly Sue

My hair is getting curlier and curlier. I love it but it's so strange.  I spent so many years trying to get curls into it. I only finally tossed out the last of the hair rollers a few years ago.  Now, it's natural state is all over soft curls. It's exactly the hair I would want if I could design my best hair. It's not heavy, it's always one or two brush strokes away from looking good - even when I wake up in the morning. But, best of all, the only thing I have to do to it out of the shower is run my fingers through it a couple of times.

After so many years of working with it, hating it, messing with it and failing to make it anything but hat filler, it's just shocking.


When I got into the car this morning and hit the button to raise the garage door, I got nothing. I am able to hit the button on the wall when leaving. So I got out and got to the pool. On the way I decided the battery in the fob probably needed attention. The fob is not even a year old but whatever.

After my swim, I stopped into Walgreens and picked up a new battery. I got it into the tiny fob and, sure enough, when I got home, the door went right up!

Plus, at Walgreens, they finally turned on their tap and pay. So I can now, just tap my phone and bam! I'm all paid up. They've had the machine for a while but it wasn't activated.  Now they have it working and... yeah! This is sooo good.


The refurbished HP chromebook that I bought from Woot last week, turns out to have a loose power port. I stick the plug in and, unless I hold it with my hand, it does not charge. Even refurbished, it comes with a 90 day warranty. I was pretty sure, however, that the power port isn't under warranty. But, it was kind of easy to start the process of requesting from their website. So I did. I got a response asking for more info, which I provided.

This morning there was an email from HP saying that in 2-3 business days, I will receive a shipping box and prepaid FedEx label. They will take two days to fix it and send it back to me via 2 day shipping! It's all spelled out complete with a list of cost to me which equals $0.

Color me really impressed.


Nothing on the hit parade today. Just the usual without the baseball. TiVo has plenty to keep me occupido. But, first, I'm going to spend some quality time with my audio book. I'm deep into the goodest part of the second JK Rawlings - Robert Galbraith novel - The Silkworm. I read the first on my Kindle but I'm listening to this one and it's kind of an interesting experience. The reader is a particularly good one making the whole thing very enjoyable. But, the characters are at kind of a critical point and I can't really leave them unattended until tonight when I would normally get back to them. They need day care and I've got the time so why not?!
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