Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Hot for weight loss

Even with the air conditioner working overtime, I'm suffering from hot-itis. I just hate the feeling of being hot. I hate breathing hot air. I hate sweating. I hate the tired, deflated feeling that hot brings. I hate the mental feeling of just being fried - too hot to think.

For me, it's really more of a psychological than physical condition.  I probably wouldn't go anywhere anyway but I feel stuck in here. It's warm in here but it's way cooler than outside of here. Even the hallway is hot. And I hate it.

Last night, at dinner time, it was too hot to eat. I finally had a bowl of cereal. I was going to dig into the Ben and Jerry's in the freezer, but it was too hot.

Part of it - maybe most of it - is that there is little change in the foreseeable (weather forecast future) future.

It's just depressing. I considered an air conditioned movie but there is nothing I really want to see playing and I don't want to miss the baseball game. Earlier this week, we played a not great team and lost 3 games in a row. Now we are playing a great team - Oakland - and have won the first two games from them. PLUS, today is the last game before 4 days of break for the All Star game.

I could go out for brunch but 1. Too hot to get dressed. 2. Too hot to leave my A/C and 3. I can't think of a place with easy parking that serves a good brunch and is air conditioned.

But, I am hungry so I think I'll just make my own breakfast and work on my attitude. I cannot be miserable for the next 10+ days. That's just stupid.
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